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SATHAPANA Bank Sathapana Bank is one of the leading commercial banks in Cambodia with total assets of over US$2.0 billion and more than 4,300 employees. It has a very extensive branch network nationwide with more than 170 branches and 230+ ATMs with cash recycling capability. Sathapana Bank provides full banking services such as loans, deposits, mobile banking, iBanking, debit & credit cards, domestic & foreign remittances, Western Union, and trade finance. In respond to our rapid growth, Sathapana Bank open for various vacancies and welcome all individual talents who wish to grow their banking journey with us.

No. Job Title No. of Positions Location Opening Date Closing Date Apply Now
1 Senior Officer, Customer Value Management 1 Head Office 30-Jun-2022 13-Jul-2022 Apply
2 Banking Service Officer 5 Branches 01-Jul-2022 15-Jul-2022 Apply
3 Banking Service Supervisor 4 Branches 01-Jul-2022 15-Jul-2022 Apply
4 Cashier 5 Branches 29-Jun-2022 08-Jul-2022 Apply
5 Customer Service Assistant 9 Branches 01-Jul-2022 15-Jul-2022 Apply
6 Teller 16 Branches 01-Jul-2022 15-Jul-2022 Apply
7 Deputy Branch Manager/Operations 3 Branches 01-Jul-2022 15-Jul-2022 Apply
8 QR Merchant Sales Trainee 20 Head Office 20-Jun-2022 08-Jul-2022 Apply
9 Senior Officer, Branch Performance Management 1 Head Office 01-Jul-2022 22-Jul-2022 Apply
10 Officer, Compliance 1 Head Office 20-Jun-2022 08-Jul-2022 Apply
11 Assistant, Legal Documentation 12 Head Office 28-Jun-2022 15-Jul-2022 Apply
12 Branch Manager 3 Phnom Penh 01-Jul-2022 15-Jul-2022 Apply
13 Assistant Relationship Manager, Merchant Acquisition 10 Head Office 20-Jun-2022 08-Jul-2022 Apply
14 QR Merchant Sales Trainee 30 Head Office 20-Jun-2022 08-Jul-2022 Apply